Saturday, 18 March 2017

Further acting on feedback

I have further improved from my feedback i got from members of my target audience. I have again tried to fill up my magazine cover to make it look more full. I have added the following:

I have added white boxes underneath the images on my cover. I did this to fill up the space and also to give out more information from my cover. I inserted text into the boxes with exciting quotes from the models in the images. This will intrigue readers as they will want to know more, this might persuade them to purchase the magazine to see the full story inside.

I have also re-arranged my previous improvements, I moved them so that I had enough room to insert the boxes with text. This worked well as it filled up more space that was empty. My cover now looks more full and packed with fun, I have showed members of my target audience the improved version and they said "It looks way better!".

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Acting on feedback from my target audience.

I asked my three members of my target audience the question "What do you think I should add to my magazine cover?" and the three answers I got were very similar. All three answers stated that my cover looked bare compared to other big Pop Magazines. I have acted upon this and added more to my final magazine Cover. I have added the Pop magazine website into the top. I have added a banner at the very top of the cover with some slogans. I copied the slogans 'Le Geek, C'est CHIC!' from We love pop magazine and it filled up the gap. These are before and after screenshots of my Cover, I feel like I have acted upon the feedback well and my cover looks more full and jammed with content. On a whole the cover looks more fun and this will catch the eyes of my target audience.